Child Care (5 yrs and over):

Well child visits
Sports/school physicals
Sick visits.
Women's care:
Complete physicals including breast and pelvic exams. Pap smear
Family planning and contraception
Smoking cessation programs
Cardiac risk assessment and reduction
Cancer screening
Depression screening
Sexually transmitted infection screening
Menopause and BIHRT
Men's Care:
Complete Physicals
Smoking cessation program
Cardiac risk assessment and reduction
Prostate and other cancer screening
Depression screening
Sexually transmitted disease screening
Low testosterone screening and treatment


Management of Chronic Medical Conditions including, but not limited to:

COPD & asthma care

Diabetes, type 1 and type 2


High cholesterol

Congestive heart failure

Urinary disorders/Incontinence

Enlarged prostate/erectile dysfunction

Depression, anxiety

Thyroid disorders


Musculoskeletal pain

Arthritis and other inflammatory disorders

Procedures including, but not limited to:


Ear cleaning for wax removal

Wound suturing/suture removal

Ingrown toe nail removal

Wart/skin lesion liquid nitrogen therapy

Wound care

Foreign body removal

Abscess drainage

Skin lump removal

Management of acute conditions including, but not limited to :

Flu symptoms


Sore throat/Pharyngitis/Strep Throat


Acute asthma/moderate allergy attack

Acute neck/back ache or joint sprains/strains

Wound care

Abdominal pain

Urinary tract infection

Leg swelling

Skin rash

Laboratory services
Lipid panel
Complete blood count
Comprehensive metabolic panel
Liver function pane/hepatitis panel
Urinalysis/urine culture
Fasting glucose/Hemoglobin A1C
TSH/T3/T4 panel
Fecal occult blood test
Mono/flu/rapid strep test
Urine Pregnancy test
Serum pregnancy test
Coag (PT/INR) test
Sed rate, CRP
Creatinine kinase
Arthritis panel

DOT Physicals

Travel advise/prophylactic medications

  • Some Conditions may require a referral to a specialist for diagnosis or treatment. This may be one-time referral or an ongoing referral for management of the conditions beyond the scope of a family practice.

Offering a wide range of patient services including, but not limited to:


Flu shot


Labs are drawn in the office and sent out