Wellness Practices of America (WPA)

In 2011, one of Dr Kelehan's patients and a large business owner in Marshall approached Dr. Kelehan and asked for help in lowering the cost of his companies' healthcare.  Dr. Kelehan started to research and came across a model known as Concierge Health Care.  Although this model was not exactly what he was looking for, it provided a basis to begin to put together the type of a new practice he wanted.   Thus, Wellness Practices of America was born.  The idea of a practice that provide quality care at a low-cost membership plan. This plan helps individuals and businesses to save money while obtaining satisfactory care in a primary care setting. We opened our doors to members at the beginning of 2013 and it has been nonstop ever since.

As WPA grows so will our network, expanding all over East Texas in the years to come, adding more Doctors and specialist along the way.  As always here at WPA we are glad to have you as a patient and look forward to continuing to serve you, your family, and friends.


Posted by Shaun Kelehan MD on Jul 03, 2013


What does the postponement of the Healthcare Reform law mean to me? 

“Nothing changes, my resolve is still the same and stronger than ever”

Let me explain by saying that I started Wellness Practices of America (WPA) as a Family Practice Concierge Practice model and as an answer to the Healthcare crisis that faces us all daily.  Whether your issues were cost or lack of Healthcare, I was determined to start a low cost model that would serve the masses and not just a privileged few. 

As Healthcare continues to rise, some people will continue to have insurance they do not use regularly nor that they can afford. Many companies have learned that they can save money by offering a high deductible insurance plan, but their employees never use it because the employees don’t ever meet there deductibles.   Additionally, those employees don’t get routine sick and wellness visits regularly because the initial cost comes out of their own pockets.

 The Wellness Practices of America model is the way to see my patients regularly and improve their health by prevention and early detection.  All this will help drive healthcare costs down for our patients, friends and colleagues, and the community around me.  So whether your  business is forced to cover your employees or not, WPA can save your company  money on the ones that you currently enroll, or it gives the Employers  the ability to cover ALL their Employees at a low cost to take care of most of your employees’ medical needs.  Everyone with WPA will always need a low cost high-deductible major medical plan for any major medical issues.

So no matter your political conviction, healthy or not, wealthy or poor,  my staff and I will continue to offer a low cost membership fee, that is easy to use, easy to understand, and we will always be glad to have you as a patient.

Better Savings, Better Care, Just a Better Way…

Shaun Kelehan MD